Medical Tubing Extrusion Line


Tube Line for Medical Line

Sai Extrumech Pvt. Ltd.  is one of the top Medical Tube Line Extrusion Line Machines makers and providers across the world. The cylinder fabricating line is exceptionally refined blend of machines, guaranteeing the high accuracy that is needed in clinical and other accuracy pipe producing process. It joins the internet based distance across control framework, The line can run with slice to length shaper office, which saves a ton of scrap during creation. The extruder determination is done on the line size, material and creation limit.

The Medical Tube Extrusion Line machine is completely robotized with PLC and plans based framework which makes the activity easy to use. The joining of top notch parts guarantees consistent running in generally requesting and testing climate. The line head could be redone according to the need of client to suit different plans.

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Catheter Tubing & Assemblies

Catheter tubing is used in a broad range of medical
and industrial technologies. Whether it’s a neurosurgical
application or a cardiovascular need, leading device
companies look to HPMS for innovation and leadership. Our
expertise in tubing, co-extrusions, braiding using vertical
reel-to-reel continuous braiders with variable pick count,
and secondary operations has made HPMS a dominant
player in the catheter market. In-house tooling and rapid
prototyping, enables quick-turn development with reduced
time to market. All this is done in state of the art facilities with
white room extrusion and ISO class 8 clean room secondary
operations and full device assembly. HPMS is committed to
providing the next-generation solutions that their customers
have come to expect.


Medical Grade Silicone Tubing & Extrusions

Our Capabilities: With in-house tooling capabilities, Parker’s Composite Sealing Systems Division (CSS) offers biomedical and pharmaceutical OEMs a wide range of medical grade single and multilumen tubing as well as x-ray opaque extrusions, Parker’s Composite Sealing Systems Division specializes in medical grade wire-reinforced, non-occluding silicone tubing that are used to manufacture adult and pediatric catheters. All of Parker’s Composite Sealing Systems Division’s tubing and extruded profiles are manufactured in an FDA Registered ISO  facility and are continuously monitored on the line for dimensional tolerances. 


Lab Extruder For Medical Tubing Extrusion Line

Sai Extrumech Pvt. Ltd. supplies fully instrumented single screw & triple screw lab extruders with integrated data acquisition. The lab extruder can be attached to various downstream equipment for testing, R & D, and small scale productions. All measuring values such as torque, melt pressure can be recorded continuously and represented in the form of tables and graphs parallel to the running test. Sai Extrumech Pvt. Ltd. has standard design as well as customization capability.

Lab Extruder machine can be attached to various downstream equipment to carry out varieties of testing like extrudability of polymers, studying the problems occurring in R & D as well as in practical applications. Manifold screw, die heads and downstream equipment fulfil all kinds of extrusion tasks.

The sample material plastified under practice oriented conditions and extruded through die head. All measuring values such as torque, melt pressure, melt temperature are recorded continuously and represented in the form of tables and graphs parallel to the running test.

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